General update

Christmas went well. I went to my brother and his family’s place for a big Christmas lunch -they had turkey, ham, multiple salads, roast potatoes and kumera, stuffing, and this desert of individual meringues with whipped cream and lemon or berry sauce.

I think my presets for my two nieces and nephew went down well. I did ask them what they wanted as they do change what they are into and normally I have no idea what’s their current interests. I ended up getting my nephew two small Batman Lego sets as the large ones were very expensive and that way at least he got one set with a Batman Lego figure in it and the other one had a Joker Lego figure in it – given how much Lego he already has I though getting two different figures was more important than getting more blocks.

I did end up working on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between Christmas and new year. It wasn’t too bad quiet for the most part esp with very few to no University students in the central city at the time…


For the first time I can really remember I’ve been “hate watching” a TV show, in this case it’s Marvel’s Inhumans. I’m only watching it because I’ve watched most of the movies and all of the other TV series so I sort of feel obliged to watch this too 🙁

The closest before this was Luke Cage, which I found incredibly slow. With Inhumans I just found the main characters that are supposed to be the good guys incredibly unlikable to the point really don’t like them at all and I don’t care if anything good happens to them – the only reason I’m still watching it is due to the fact that it’s playing on free TV here in New Zealand and the fact that I do like having shows I’m not that interested in actually watching playing in the background while I’m doing other things.

I think my favorite of the shows at least is Jessica Jones, though someone else review of David Tennant’s Kilgrave did get stuck in my head while watching it – they described him at times as reminding them of his version of the doctor but with the evil tones added, in particular the flashback scene when he first sees Jessica.


Unfortunately Ruby has gone gone missing and we’re assuming short of a miracle, (hopefully someone finding her), that she hid sometime overnight Thursday to early Friday morning before I got up to go to work. I had woken early enough that I was able to spend an hour trying to find as I needed to give her an insulin injection first thing in the morning but hadn’t been too worried until I got home and she was still gone 🙁

She had gone down hill quite a bit in the last year and the last time she had been to see the vet he had said that he was surprised that she had held on as long as she had. I am still feeling guilty about it all of course.

The horrible weather this past week

Today is actually good, which I’m very very happy about as it’s been freezing cold and wet/windy here. Though no where near as bad as the weather has been in other parts of New Zealand (including Wellington!). It was so cold here that I was wondering how I ever managed to survive before I got a electric blanket, as it’s been freezing cold at night time.

I ended up taking a couple of photos on Wednesday of this large lump of ice that had formed on the path –

I know that’s unimpressive when compared to what happened in other parts of the country but it was really odd for Auckland. There was a lot more on the lawn but I didn’t want to walk over cold wet lawn to get a good look at them.

America’s Cup Parade

I ended up going to the parade for Team New Zealand in the central city today. I ended up being across the road from Aotea Square right next to where it started just before 12.30pm. I think I was one of the lucky ones as it had finished in that part just over ten minutes later, before it started raining and I did notice it raining quite heavily after 1pm.

I do think I would have liked to have seen them on the boat sailing along the water front, which was the second part of the parade – the part I saw the team were standing in the back of Utes(?) in between various matching bands and  a cheer leading squad, with the America’s Cup on the last vehicle.

I am surprised that I was able to get such a good position almost directly behind the fence as I only arrived about ten to fifteen minutes before the parade started and I was expecting there to be a lot more people there. Mainly due to the photos from the 1995 parade where there looked to be people completely lining the footpath right back to the shops, while today it was really only three to four people deep at most in the area I was in.

After watching the news coverage of the parade it does look like there were more people further down Queen Street at least and it did look like there were more people on the other side of the road. Meaning that there was just a good chance I was lucky and happened to work close to the unpopular end.

I did take some photos which I’ll post here as well, not that they’ll be all that interesting and nothing that won’t be seen in a lot of other places, and it’s safe to say that places like the TV news and the newspapers will have significantly better photos than mine as I was most behind two other people and was taking them between their heads as much as possible.

Quick update

Things are going well here, they certainly seem to be improving at least! 🙂 Next month I will be doing the last two third year Accounting papers I need to finish my Accounting degree, which I’m not looking forward to but I am going to be incredibly pleased when I’ve finished.

Horrible Weather :(

The weather’s horrible here now, meaning that the painter who is supposed to be working on the outside of the house can’t do anything… He was able to start work on part yesterday and got that section finished at least which is something. At least I get to stay inside at work – I’d hate to be doing something like delivering mail at a time like this especially given that the weather’s supposed to be just as bad tomorrow too.

I started watching Gotham on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and I’m enjoying it a lot more than I was expecting to! I’m also enjoying Iron Fist a lot more than I had thought I would – I actually like Coleen and Ward more so far than the main character.

Audiologist visit

I’ve had my annual “check-up” with my audiologist for my hearing aids. It was pretty boring, everything’s fine, apparently I’m looking after them perfectly (which I had been worried about I admit as I wasn’t 100% sure I was doing everything correctly).

As a result I’ve had the rest of the day off with nothing to do as I haven’t had anything cleaning wise left to do right now, so I’ve had An American Werewolf in London playing in the background – as I’ve watched so many times by now it isn’t funny 🙂 – and doing minor things like adding an About page for this site. So entirely uninteresting 🙂


Last week I got a ridiculous number of photos I took as a kid and teenager from my parents. A lot of them are of various pets they/we had over the years, which is actually nice to have copies of. I have been very slowly scanning them and uploading them here so I could a few copies of them floating around just in case.

Orlando, who we had when I was a child and pre-teen.
My parents first dog Sam, who they got when I was a baby.
My parents second dog Jake, who they got when I was a teenager.

“The Travelers”

I’ve been stuck at home sick over the long weekend, (and I’m still at home today but should be back at work tomorrow at least). I’ve manged to binge watch “The Travelers” on Netflix, which is odd as normally I never binge watch anything no matter how much I’m enjoying it. I’ve been getting through three episodes a day and I’m sad that I’m finishing the last episode now…

I watched “Stranger Things” very quickly too but that was only eight episodes long and I was only watching one in the evenings. Even with the first season of “Heroes” I was only watching one to two episodes a night and I was getting a little sick of it by the end.