Audiologist visit

I’ve had my annual “check-up” with my audiologist for my hearing aids. It was pretty boring, everything’s fine, apparently I’m looking after them perfectly (which I had been worried about I admit as I wasn’t 100% sure I was doing everything correctly).

As a result I’ve had the rest of the day off with nothing to do as I haven’t had anything cleaning wise left to do right now, so I’ve had An American Werewolf in London playing in the background – as I’ve watched so many times by now it isn’t funny 🙂 – and doing minor things like adding an About page for this site. So entirely uninteresting 🙂


Last week I got a ridiculous number of photos I took as a kid and teenager from my parents. A lot of them are of various pets they/we had over the years, which is actually nice to have copies of. I have been very slowly scanning them and uploading them here so I could a few copies of them floating around just in case.

Orlando, who we had when I was a child and pre-teen.
My parents first dog Sam, who they got when I was a baby.
My parents second dog Jake, who they got when I was a teenager.

“The Travelers”

I’ve been stuck at home sick over the long weekend, (and I’m still at home today but should be back at work tomorrow at least). I’ve manged to binge watch “The Travelers” on Netflix, which is odd as normally I never binge watch anything no matter how much I’m enjoying it. I’ve been getting through three episodes a day and I’m sad that I’m finishing the last episode now…

I watched “Stranger Things” very quickly too but that was only eight episodes long and I was only watching one in the evenings. Even with the first season of “Heroes” I was only watching one to two episodes a night and I was getting a little sick of it by the end.