The horrible weather this past week

Today is actually good, which I’m very very happy about as it’s been freezing cold and wet/windy here. Though no where near as bad as the weather has been in other parts of New Zealand (including Wellington!). It was so cold here that I was wondering how I ever managed to survive before I got a electric blanket, as it’s been freezing cold at night time.

I ended up taking a couple of photos on Wednesday of this large lump of ice that had formed on the path –

I know that’s unimpressive when compared to what happened in other parts of the country but it was really odd for Auckland. There was a lot more on the lawn but I didn’t want to walk over cold wet lawn to get a good look at them.

Horrible Weather :(

The weather’s horrible here now, meaning that the painter who is supposed to be working on the outside of the house can’t do anything… He was able to start work on part yesterday and got that section finished at least which is something. At least I get to stay inside at work – I’d hate to be doing something like delivering mail at a time like this especially given that the weather’s supposed to be just as bad tomorrow too.

I started watching Gotham on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and I’m enjoying it a lot more than I was expecting to! I’m also enjoying Iron Fist a lot more than I had thought I would – I actually like Coleen and Ward more so far than the main character.