“The Cubic Structural Evolution project, 2004”

This is a repost of the photos I took at the Auckland Art Gallery in 2014 of a project which allowed the art gallery visitors to build a cityscape and change what had already been built. It was made up of white legos only and was originally created by Olafur Eliasson.

It was interesting because it was one of the few art exhibits that people could both freely touch and change, it was certainly popular and there always seemed to be people working on parts of it.

It had been set up in the mostly empty space next to the children’s section, that seems to be used for things like this, the children’s holiday art programs, and talks. (They also put Billy Apple’s cars up here when they had a display of his art works in early 2015 just after this display finished in the middle of March 2015).

They had set it up with a lot of the original buildings or structures already made and a lot of spare white lego spread out on the tables for people to make new buildings/structures or to add to the existing ones.

(I’m not planning on re-writing and reposting all of my old entries, I just wanted to redo this one as I’ve linked to this post from my “The Auckland Art Gallery’s children’s floor” somewhere else and want to have an actual page to link to).